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BBC六分钟词汇 - 08 复合形容词 Compound adjectives
2022-10-15 00:20
本文摘要:-Hello and welcome to 6 Minute Vocabulary. Im Finn. -And Im Catherine.-接待收听六分钟词汇,我是费恩。-我是凯瑟琳。 In todays programme were looking at compound adjectives, like in a 22-hour journey.本期我们要学的是复合形容词,例如 22-hour 旅行。


-Hello and welcome to 6 Minute Vocabulary. I'm Finn. -And I'm Catherine.-接待收听六分钟词汇,我是费恩。-我是凯瑟琳。

In today's programme we're looking at compound adjectives, like in a 22-hour journey.本期我们要学的是复合形容词,例如 22-hour 旅行。-We'll look at what compound adjectives are… -We'll see how to use them…-我们将会知道什么是复合形容词......-如何使用它们......And there'll be a punctuation tip and a quiz…然后会先容一个标点符号,做一个小考试......And we'll leave you with a top tip for learning vocabulary.教授你学习词汇的超棒妙招。But first, let's hear from Rob. Rob's a racing driver and he's being interviewed after a race.首先,来听听罗伯的事儿。

罗伯是赛车手,赛后接受了采访。Yes. And here's a question to think about while you listen: how fast was Rob's lap time?是的。

边听边思考:罗伯跑一圈的速度有多快?Let's find out.让我们来听听看吧。Rob, congratulations on your latest win. What did that last victory mean to you?罗伯,恭喜你最近赢得了角逐。

最后的胜利对你意味着什么?Honestly, I expected to win. I mean, you don't come second in a high-quality vehicle like mine.老实说,我希望能赢。我的意思是,如果你拥有我开的这辆高品质,高质量的车,你不会不想赢的。That's true — it's an impressive motor — but what you did was amazing: your fastest lap time was truly incredible.没错,这辆车让人印象深刻,但你的结果也令人惊讶:最快的单圈时间确实令人难以置信。

Well, you're right. You don't see a seventy-second lap every day.是的,你说对了。你不会天天都能看到70秒的单圈速度。Thanks for your time, Rob. Well, this year the drivers are hoping to complete the fourkilometre course in an even faster time…谢谢你给我们的时间,罗伯。

今年,车手们希望能够以更快的速度完成四公里的旅程......So, Rob the racing driver did a seventy-second lap.所以,赛车手罗伯跑了70秒。Well done to you if you got that right.你答对了,真棒。And that's our first example of a compound adjective. It's made with a number, like seventy, and a noun, like second. Seventy-second.这是我们第一个复合形容词的例子。

它由一个数字 seventy 和一个名词 second 组成的。Seventy-second.We put seventy-second in front of another noun, like lap, making a compound adjective which describes a noun. A seventy-second lap.我们将 seventy-second 放在另一个名词 lap 前面,酿成一个形貌名词的复合形容词。


七十秒一圈。Let's hear another example, again starting with a number, but this time the noun describes length instead of time.再听下另外一个例子,从数字开始,可是这次名词形貌的是长度而不是时间。Well, this year the drivers are hoping to complete the four-kilometre course in an even faster time.今年,车手们希望能够以更快的速度完成四公里的旅程。

So the number four, with the noun kilometre, go together to make an adjective: fourkilometre. And take note: there's no s at the end of kilometre.因此,数字 four 和名词 kilometre 组合成一个形容词:fourkilometre。请注意:公里数没有止境。That's right: there's no s because the word kilometre functions as an adjective here — and we can't make adjectives plural.没错:没有,因为 kilometre 一词在这里起形容词的作用——我们不能将形容词设为复数。So, the adjective four-kilometre describes the noun course. A four-kilometre course.因此,形容词 four-kilometre 形貌了名词 course。

四公里长的旅程。-That's right. Some more examples with length are… -A 26-mile race; a six-foot man.-是的。其他一些带有长度的例子是......-26英里的角逐;一个六英尺高的人。Now for a punctuation note. When you write a number-noun compound adjective, you need to join the two parts together with a hyphen — a little horizontal line between the two words.现在讲一下标点符号。

编写数字名词复合形容词时,你需要将两个部门与连字符毗连在一起,即两个单词之间的一条水平线。That's right. So you write a 'seventy hyphen second' lap. A 'six hyphen foot' man.是的。所以你要写 seventy-second lap 或者 six-foot man。

And we're talking about compound adjectives. Here's Rob again. Listen out for another type of compound adjective.我们正在谈论复合形容词。再听听罗伯说的话。

留心另一种复合形容词。Honestly, I expected to win. I mean, you don't come second in a high-quality vehicle like mine.老实说,我希望能赢。我的意思是,如果你拥有我开的这辆高品质,高质量的车,你不会不想赢的。

Did you get that? It was high-quality. A high-quality vehicle.你听到了吗?这是辆高品质,高质量的车。一辆 high-quality vehicle.So, as well as using numbers, we can also make compound adjectives with the words high or low plus a noun.因此,除了使用数字外,我们还可以使用带有 high 或 low 以及一个名词的复合形容词。So, high plus quality equals high-quality. Like high-quality vehicle.因此,高品质就是 high-quality。

例如:high-quality vehicle.Low plus cost equals low-cost. Like low-cost airline. How do you feel about low-cost airlines, Catherine?低成本就是 low-cost。例如:low-cost airline. 凯瑟琳,你以为低成本航空公司怎么样?Well, after my last experience, never again… Some more examples are, Finn?上次坐过以后就再也不想坐了......另有其他例子吗,芬恩?High-speed. A high-speed motorbike.High-speed。

高速摩托车。And low-fat. A low-fat yoghurt. And if you're writing, don't forget — join the 2 parts together with a hyphen.另有 low-fat。


低脂酸奶。如果你正在写,请不要忘记——将两个部门用连字符连起来。And now it's quiz time. Complete these sentences. Catherine will tell you the answers. Ready?现在是测试时间。补全句子。

凯瑟琳会告诉你谜底的。准备好了吗?Number one. In a balanced diet, it's important to eat… a) high-quality carbohydrates or b) high-qualities carbohydrates.1,在平衡饮食中,重要的是要吃......a) high-quality carbohydrates or b) high-qualities carbohydrates.It's a) high-quality carbohydrates.谜底是:a) high-quality carbohydrates.Well done if you got that. Number two. The flight from London to New York is … a) a nines-hour trip or b) a nine-hour trip.如果你做对了就很棒!2,从伦敦到纽约的航班是......a) a nines-hour trip or b) a nine-hour trip.The answer's b) a nine-hour trip.谜底是:b) a nine-hour trip.Number three. Every morning, Catherine goes for… a) a six-mile run or b) a six-miles run.3,天天早上,凯瑟琳都市去......a) a six-mile run or b) a six-miles run.And the answer's a) a six-mile run. But I don't.谜底是:a) a six-mile run。但我并不会去。

-You don't really, do you? -No.-你真的不会去吗?-不会。In any case, well done if you got those right at home. And we're almost at the end of the show.无论如何,如果在家的你做对了这些题就很棒。本期的节目就要靠近尾声了。

But before we go, here's today's top tip for learning vocabulary, which is, Catherine…竣事前向大祖传授一个超棒的妙招,那就是,Catherine......If you use social media, join an English learning group. When you learn a new word, try to include it in at least 3 of your posts. That will help you remember the word.如果你使用社交媒体,加入一个英语学习小组。当学习一个新单词时,你可以试着将其运用于至少3个帖子中。那将资助你记着这个词。

And there's more about this at bbclearningenglish. com. Join us again for more 6 Minute Vocabulary.BBC英语学习网,接待会见更多。接待再次收听六分钟词汇学习。

-Bye! -Bye.-再见。-再见。